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SAP is the most popular ERP system in the world. It satisfies the requirements of small, medium and largest companies.


The quality is proven by thousands of successful implementations worldwide.

The product grows with you and adapts to your exacting standards.

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SAP Business One is the right solution for small, medium and largest companies.

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The SAP company

​SAP is the leader in business information systems. The company has been on the market since 1972, and today its products serve more than 300,000 customers in over 190 countries worldwide. It is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer.

One of the SAP products, created specifically for small and medium businesses, is a business information system SAP Business One. Today, more than sixty thousand successful companies use this relatively young system. SAP helps them run at their best and manage every aspect of their small or midsize business around the world. Try it too.

SAP Business One

It is the smallest product of SAP, which was designed as an affordable and easy-to-use business information system. It does not matter whether you have 5 or 200 employees, SAP Business One helps you streamline your business, establish industry standards for management and increase your competitiveness.

  • Designed to small and midsize business
  • Give employees on-the-go access to the software via an intuitive mobile app
  • Capture all of your information in a single, scalable system
  • Adaptability and scalability. It grows with you.
310 000 customers in 190 countries
44 yrs. of history and innovation
78 230 employees in 130 countries

The solution based on SAP

SAP Business One provides quick and easy access to all the business information and also supplies reports and documents necessary for decision-making for all aspects of the management of your company in real time. SAP Business One gives you critical information for successful management of your company.

SAP Business One as standard, offers everything needed by a modern company, a complex area of economy and finance, logistics and storage, approval and alarm functions, reporting and analysis tools, complex manufacturing, including production planning and control, production rendering online, queue work and many other successful and proven functions.

  • Complexity
  • SAP Benchmarking
  • Give employees on-the-go access to the software via an intuitive mobile app
  • ​Get answers to your most pressing questions with integrated business intelligence
  • Available on-premise, on-demand, and powered by in-memory computing platform

SAP Business One helps you:

Business SAP investments

Increase efficiency and strength of the company

SAP Business One allows you to centralize and integrate the entire enterprise into a single system and helps you eliminate repetitive data entry errors and unnecessary costs. The system integrates

Make good decisions anytime

SAP Business One integrates business data into a single source, because you'll be able to instantly get detailed, complete and current information, all in real time and on any device.

grow with SAP

Quickly assess investment

You will be able to implement ERP SAP Business One and put it into full operation for two to eight weeks. The intuitive interface reduces training requirements of staff and the cost of ongoing IT support.

Growth and change needs

You can flexibly modify or extend your information system to your specific business needs through easy-to-use tools for customizing and through more than 550 extending solutions